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At DMP Nordic, we help companies scale with proactive marketing through various digital platforms in our areas of specialization.
We work dynamically with hourly rates, assignment-based pricing, fixed retainer, or a "no cure, no pay" performance fee model.
-> Comprehensive digital scaling strategy

-> Platform specific strategies

-> Campaign strategies

-> Conversion Optimized online stores

-> Lightning fast websites (G. score 90+)

-> Search Engine Optimization

-> Lead Opt-in landing pages

-> Facebook Ads

-> Google Ads

-> Snapchat Ads

-> LinkedIn Ads

-> TikTok Ads


daniel kindberg dmp nordic

Daniel Kindberg

Managing Director
Behind him, Daniel has a BSc in finance, five years as a junior manager in Norway's largest wealth management firm. Co-managing at the age of 21 approx. USD 120 million in client assets throughout various asset classes. To further be followed with three years and counting of scaling companies with digital marketing.
Inspired by the life journey and how his wealthy customers had developed companies, Daniel decided to step in the same challenging direction.

As of March 2021, he started his project via Ecommerce Nordic AS with the online store HobbyHund.no, which sold dog equipment for NOK 5 million in 2021 after only 10 months of active operation.

As of June 2021, Daniel got accepted into Mawer Capital's MasterMind program. Providing Daniel and his customers with unique access to a support system of substantial value. A hub of personal 1-1 advisory and information flow from some of the most recognized figures worldwide in scaling companies with digital marketing.
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tobias fiskum team dmp nordic

Tobias Fiskum

Performance Specialist
2021 was the year when Tobias was only 19 years old without any special life experience, dropped out of electrician education, and chose to focus fully on online shopping.
It is February 2021 and Tobias takes contact with Daniel after following him on Instagram where he was so inspired by the insight that was shared about how he created unique results for his customers. As an avid soul looking to develop, he offered Daniel to work as an unpaid intern in exchange for lessons learned in digital marketing.
It did not take long before Tobias quit his job as an electrician in the step towards going 100% into entrepreneurial life.

During this first year, his first project Sveips.no has sold washing equipment for over 1 million kroner, of which 80% of turnover came from the last 3 months in 2021 where expertise for digital marketing began to develop at a good pace with turnover.

Digital marketing has become more than something he does to earn a living, it has become a passion. Achieving results of scaling companies is what makes Tobias get up in the morning with a big fat smile on his face.
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