"In the spring of 2021, the group invested in a completely new segment, flexible office space. We also decided to look beyond the traditional marketing agencies to test an alternative partner.
A decision we are satisfied with today. 
Only 4 months after opening, we are approaching the maximum rental capacity.
And about 80% of our contracts are acquired from digital leads by advertisement.
Throughout our collaboration with DMP, we experience a high degree of professionalism and cutting-edge expertise. The results achieved have exceeded far above our expectations.
We look forward to our continued collaboration with DMP. "
(One of Norway's largest Commercial Real Estate Developer)
Vibecke Falster, CMO
"DMP Nordic has assisted Famme with advice and optimization of our Facebook ads.
After 6 years in Norwegian e-commerce, I have never experienced anyone who maintains such a high level of knowledge with current best practices. Providing comprehensive methods to actively adjust our marketing in real-time towards how the platform and its audience is evolving."
(One of Norway's Top 3 online retailers of sportswear for women) 
Mikael Taube, Co-founder & CMO
"Outstanding from the start! A lot of time was set aside to understand our business. DMP will not only be a Performance Partner for us, but also an important strategic partner."
Simen Mostue Eie, Head of Development
"Since we invested in DMP Nordic and Daniel Kindberg, we have received assignments via digital leads for more than NOK 500,000 in less than 1 year. Following an insanely good Return on Investment of over 500% calculated according to advertising costs. DMP Nordic has assisted us with a conversion-optimized website, SEO, Google Ads, and ongoing consulting. "
Fabian Noraker, CEO
"Daniel in DMP Nordic always delivers beyond what is expected. He understands 100% of the company's vision and understands the needs we have."
Jens Rask-Jensen, COO
"Strong competence, determination, and tailor-made solution. It is inspiring to work with such an inspiring marketing agency."
Matehus S. Johansen, CEO & Co-founder
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